Intriguing candle (Candle with text inside)

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This intriguing candle is a candle with text inside, made of natural 100% beeswax.
The candle is special because inside the candle we make a personalised text out of letters. The hidden text of the message appears to the recipient of your choice after about
Half-moon burning, when the wax melts and becomes transparent, revealing your hidden thought, wish, feeling or romantic confession.

Volume: 250ml.
Burning time: 20h.
Weight: 250g.
Dimensions of the jar: 80 x 55 mm.

Possible characters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

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Turn a phrase into an intriguing moment

The text you order is responsibly placed directly inside the candle and appears after about half an hour of burning, giving you time to create that special moment of anticipation, surprise and intrigue. The melted wax then becomes transparent and a hidden message appears inside the candle, revealing a hidden thought, wish, feeling or romantic confession. A candle with text inside is the perfect gift for any occasion.

A nice moment

Natural aroma

Long burn time

Discount on purchases of 2 items or more

Ideas for texts

(I love you) (you are amazing) (my heart is beating for you) (you are the best valentine) (not valentine but I love you) (hottest girl/boy) (the best in the world boy/girl) (You are my dream) ( I love you to to the moon and back) (i<3u to the moon and back) (thank you for being you) (be my valentine) (you like me) (the best) (the dream girl/boy) (love is us) (you are my love) (wherever you are, there I am)

I love you/you're wonderful(i)/you're everything to me/you're my world/Thank you for everything/I'm always with you/always smile/smile/give me a kiss/I'll be in your eyes/to the moon and back/be mine be my wife/be my husband/maybe we'll be together till the end/maybe we'll kiss/maybe we'll go to the cinema/my heart is beating for you/you are perfect/you're warm/you're good/you are my happiness/you+you are love/.

Happiness and success/ you can do anything/ you are strong(I)/ Just keep moving forward/ everything will be okay/ smile/ don't stop/ don't look back/ live and keep moving forward/ never stop/.

Merry Christmas/ lovely holidays/ warm evenings/ new
a new year/ a new beginning/ new goals/ a beautiful 2023/ Father Christmas is here/ dreams come true/ a new year new goals/ 2024 will be the best/ things will be even better/ happy Christmas/ happy holidays/ happy Christmas.


HOHOHO YOU ARE H<3E / where we celebrate / with the dragon / maybe next year will be lucky / be a beggar / I want to be your present /

The best teacher/ we love you like a mother/ maybe after 10 I tamo/ maybe without homework/ tomorrow without uniform/ excuse me/ you're amazing/ thank you for the meal/ thank you for everything/ (TEXT WITH QUESTIONS TO VERIFY)- 'The best teacher/ bist ticher/ the best in the classroom/ 2*2=5/ the earth is flat.

Mummy I love you/Mummy you are amazing/ you are the best/ the best Mummy/ the most beautiful Mummy/ the No1 MAMA/ the best vireja/ thank you for life/ you are my world/ thank you for being there ///// you are the best auntie/ you are my hero/ you are everything to me/ you are the best auntie/ thank you for being there/ I feel safe with you/ I love you auntie ///// "best mother-in-law/ I love you best mother-in-law/ best cook/ when we eat/ thank you/ best mother-in-law/. 

For your birthday : 'with 18 mums/dads' '40 is just the beginning' 'young and beautiful' 'happy birthday'

(My auntie is my hero) (Auntie's master of the house) (Daddy I love you) (Best auntie) (Amazing auntie) (For my beloved auntie) (Perfect auntie) (Best driver) (You are everything to me) (Super auntie) (Toughest auntie) (Strongest auntie) (Smartest auntie) (Most beloved auntie) (You are amazing) (Love you)


(Teti, maybe a beer) (Let's go fishing) (Learn to drive) (Mum hasn't let Aunty go) (Maybe for the evening)

(Mum I love you) (best mum) (amazing mum) (best mum) (best mum) (beloved mum) (perfect mum) (best mother) (best mother-in-law) (you are everything to me) (super mum) (toughest mum) (strongest mum) (smartest mum) (sweetest mum) (most beloved mum) (you're amazing) (love you)


(GERIUSIA MAMA) (Best milf) (hottest mom) 

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Intriguojanti žvakė (Žvakė su tekstu viduje)

  1. Mantas -

    I got it for Christmas, a really interesting gift

  2. Edwin -

    I received the parcel the next day

  3. Lina -

    great idea

  4. Aurelia -

    A wonderful gift for mum or girlfriend

  5. natalia -

    I got it as a gift, it smells delicious🥰

  6. Lina -

    I received it from my beloved husband, it was a surprise. A great gift ❤️🥰

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Intriguing candle (Candle with text inside)